Hexiwear | IoT wearable development kit |

This kit is designed by MikroElektronika and enhanced by NXP. WolkAbout provides cloud connectivity to Hexiwear using WolkSense Sensor Data Cloud.
Hexiwear Smartphone Application

Applications for iOS and Android which pair with Hexiwear BLE devices and send sensor readings to WolkSense Sensor Data Cloud

Minor differences from the current versions of applications may exist

Hexiwear Smartphone Application

Hexiwear app (iOS and Android), developed by WolkAbout, reads all of Hexiwear's sensors using Bluetooth Low Energy, and sends collected data to the WolkSense Sensor Data Cloud. In order to use Hexiwear app, first you need to create WolkSense account by signing up to the Hexiwear app.

Your WolkSense account may be used to sign in to WolkSense Web application as well as WolkSense iOS and Android applications.

Download Hexiwear application for your mobile device: